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#Middle #iOS

Quick Infos
  • Swift (6Y.)
  • Objective-C (6Y.)
  • English: Intermediate
Desired Position
Middle IOS


  • 3+ years of experience in iOS development
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong knowledge of Swift, Objective-C
  • Good team player, responsible, reliable, good communicable skills
  • Ability to perform in a fast-paced agile environment
  • Ability to work both as a team member and independently

Technical skills

  • Programming languages: Swift, Objective-C
  • Technologies: UIKit, Auto Layout, Storyboard
  • Apple Frameworks: AVFoundation, MapKit, GCD and Operations
  • Architectures: MVC, MVP, VIPER, VIP
  • Databases: PostgreSQL
  • Additional: Telegram bot development using PostgreSQL database. Little experience with Server-Side-Swift (Vapor)

Working Experience

2019 – present iOS Developer | NDA


  • Application architecture development;
  • Development and demonstration of basic features;
  • Development UI elements according to the design;
  • Development of application functionality;
  • Implementation of new features and new UI design.

Environment: Swift, iOS SDK, ARKit, Google Places, In-App purchases, RxSwift, Mollie payments

June 2018 - January 2020 iOS Developer, SPRY ROCKS


  • Application architecture development;
  • Implementation of the functional of processing and capturing images from the camera;
  • Implementation In App-Purchase (auto-renewable subscription);
  • Integrated Facebook and Apple Sign-In options;
  • Implementation of new features and new UI design ;
  • Fixing of functional and UI bugs;
  • Publishing to the App Store.

Environment: Swift, iOS SDK, In-App purchases, RxSwift, Mollie payments


Under NDA

Role: iOS-Developer

Description: Application for communication between customers and company representatives. Allows you to ask targeted questions and receive answers with the possibility of choosing the best offer.

Tech stack: Swift, iOS SDK, Google Places

Responsibilities: Development of application functionality and UI elements according to the design

Under NDA

Role: iOS-Developer

Description: Demo project to demonstrate the basic possibilities of using augmented reality and integrating it into applications.

Tech stack: Swift, iOS SDK, ARKit

Responsibilities: Research on AR technology. Development and demonstration of basic features Integration into native iOS app

Tornado Vision

Role: Sole iOS-Developer

Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tornado-vision/id1469550036 | v.1.2 testing state

Description: The application is designed to facilitate the search and detection of tornadoes. With the help of specially designed filters and an algorithm, it allows you to isolate tornadoes from under precipitation and dust fogs, as well as detect and fix tornadoes at night.

Tech stack: Swift, iOS SDK, In-App purchases

Responsibilities: App Development. Video and photo processing. Development of part of the algorithm


Role: iOS Developer, Single iOS Developer

Description: Application for ordering a massage

Tech stack: Swift, iOS SDK, RxSwift, Mollie payments

Responsibilities: Re-development and improvement of part of the functionality, adding new features. Updating.

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