05.07.2022 | ID: DGWSVK

#Junior #iOS

Quick Infos
  • Swift (2Y.)
  • English: Intermediate
Desired Position
iOS Developer

Short summary

  • Databases: Realm, CoreData
  • Architectures:** MVC, MVVM, Clean Swift
  • UI development: Autolayout, layout through code, SwiftUI
  • Networking: REST API, JSON/XML
  • Version control system: GIT
  • Dependency managers: Cocoapods, SPM, Homebrew
  • English: conversation - A2, reading and correspondence - B1

About me

I have extensive experience with industrial automation systems (systems based on industrial Siemens PLCs) and building automation systems (Smart Home and Building Management Systems), as well as some experience with Industrial IoT systems based on IBM Cloud and AWS.

My experience can be useful in the development of software and hardware projects, startups related to hardware developments in the field of automation, IoT. IoT, AR, ML technologies are very interesting.



05/2021 - until now: iOS Developer in NDA

Participation in all processes throughout the development of applications for iOS:

  • discussion of technical solutions
  • assessment of the complexity of the project and estimating the time it takes to complete it
  • consultation of other team members if necessary
  • development and submit application to the AppStore

2013 - 04/2021 - Industrial automation engineer is Silogic Group LLC

Development of programs and visualizations for industrial programmable controllers and operator panels based on Siemens Simatic equipment, including dispatching systems based on Siemens SCADA system (Siemens WinCC)

04/2020 - 04/2021: Free iOS development

Learning the Swift language and the Xcode development environment at courses and webinars swiftbook.ru, swiftlab.ru, as well as with a mentor and independently



Applications for obtaining data from industrial PLCs (programmable logic controllers) Siemens SIMATIC using the PLC internal web server and their visualization as an API.

The requirement for development was the simplicity and universality of the solution.

Unusual for industrial automation is the method of obtaining data from the PLC, since industrial data access protocols common to Siemens PLCs (e.g. S7, Modbus TCP, MQTT) are either closed or require heavy labor to develop both the application itself and the PLC program.

As a result, it was possible to develop a universal solution for visualizing the necessary data, which requires only the formation of several JSON files on the PLC side.

Used technology stack

  • Architecture - CleanSwift, layout of the entire UI completely through code
  • Database - CoreData
  • Working with the network - Alamofire
  • UserInterface - UICollectionView based on UIDiffableDataSources and UICompositionalLayout

Preparations are currently underway to download the application to the AppStore.


The internship test assignment at MacPaw is an application that serves to obtain and visualize cat breeds using a public API, written exclusively by native means. Used technology stack:

  • Architecture - MVC
  • Working with the network - URLSession
  • Interface - UICollectionView based on UIDiffableDataSources and UICompositionalLayout

Currency Exchange

A simple application that displays the exchange rates of Privatbank and the NBU for a given date. Developed to train work with Alamofire, ContainerView, TableView, basic animations.

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