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JULY 07, 2022

Remote work does not mean home office, but the whole world

 What do companies and employees need to make it work? 

 Location-independent and time-independent work does not necessarily mean that all free spirits in this world become self-employed and set sail. In companies, too, it is becoming increasingly trendy to let employees travel through world history as digital nomads. 

The magic word is remote work and means that teams work together in a company, but are not located at the same location. 

We'll show you how remote work works for you and your team! 

 The New Work has finally reached us. Productive minds who really want to create something no longer go to the office. You make yourself independent of stressed colleagues, long coffee breaks and constant ringing of the telephone. 

Creativity is different. Creativity needs air to breathe. Individual development. And maybe a few rays of sunshine tickling your nose. 

The digital Generation Y has long since turned its back on dusty offices. But even the home office is not always the place to be. Because working anywhere means being free. And who doesn't prefer to set up their mobile workplace where productivity is most spurred on? Maybe in a beach chair on the Baltic Sea. Or in a tree house in the jungle of Bali. 

Incidentally, when little monkeys jump through the picture, it also makes every video conference more exciting. 

However, being able to work anywhere and at any time does not necessarily mean that all the free spirits in this world will become self-employed and set sail. In companies, too, it is becoming increasingly trendy to let employees travel through world history as digital nomads. 

The magic word is remote work and means that teams work together in a company, but are not located at the same location. The big tech start-ups like Buffer or Zapier have been doing it for a long time and haven't even bothered to set up an office for their employees. 

We'll show you how remote work works for you and your team! 

For which industries is remote work suitable? 

Sure - farmers, surgeons and craftsmen should perhaps not relocate their jobs to Bondi Beach. But when it comes to work that only requires a laptop and an internet connection, remote work is a great alternative. Graphic designers, online marketing managers and programmers from young companies have long been spread across the continents of the world. 

However, this does not mean that all employees are suddenly unavailable. Anyone on the go can log in and transmit their personal progress via a shared VPN company server. IT professionals point out submitted codes with an alert. And copywriters want changes via the comment function in Google Doc. 

How do remote workers communicate? 

When it comes to remote work, open communication is the key to success. The chat tool Slack is always available for communication within the team. Integrated working groups can exchange information and present progress in various channels. 

By Todoist all have access to new to-dos and the time tracking tool Toggl ensures that work processes are recorded precisely in terms of time. About Trello can all access boards where projects are structured and organized. And joint meetings are held via video conference Zoom held. If you have a question, you can get in touch or virtually clap if a team member has done good preliminary work. So it soon becomes completely irrelevant whether the project manager is down the hall or on the other side of the world. 

Tips for remote workers 

Remote work requires a certain level of discipline. Because if you're actually sitting on the beach, you can't waste your time with morning surfing, lunchtime cocktails, and evening beach parties - even if one of these activities is easy. But if you heed these tips, you will get a good balance between work and life: 
  • Establish a routine daily routine with fixed core working hours and breaks
  • Stay online for your team
  • Focus on results and less on time spent
  • Build connections to other digital nomads to avoid isolation

Tips for executives 

While remote workers rave about less stress and a healthier lifestyle, leaders need to set the strategic framework for remote teamwork. We (as a 100 percent location-independent company) have a few tips ready for this as well:
  • Define clear requirements and expectations for remote work
  • Secure fast (data) exchange through functioning software and tools
  • Hold regular meetings to stay in touch with your employees and ask them about their experiences
  • Always be approachable and establish an open feedback culture
  • Communicate clearly, openly, and transparently
  • Establishes team rituals. 

But most of all, celebrate successes – maybe with a Zoom toast where everyone shows off their wonderful work environment. And that includes you too, because for you too it means: get out of the remote work office. 

Develop together as a team and gain experience that you can implement. Despite location independence, the group feeling comes first and trust is the basis for a sunny future. 

Would you like to move away from your permanent office, but don't know how to start? 
Feel free to pester us with your questions, because we have already gone this route successfully. 

We would be happy to support you with your next digital project or idea with our expertise in the development of future-proof digital solutions.
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