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#Middle #Angular

Quick Infos
  • TypeScript (4Y.)
  • Angular (5Y.)
  • JavaScript / Front-End (5Y.)
  • English: Upper-intermediate
Desired Position
Front-End Developer

Age: 37
Education: 2000 - 2003 Kamianets'-Podilskyi Professional Art Lyceum, 1990 - 2000 Upper secondary education

Professional Skills

Technology stack and libs (years)

  • Ionic/Angular (3)
  • AngularJS (3.5)
  • Ionic1/AngularJS (3)
  • Cordova plugins (1.5)
  • Pugjs (former Jade) (4)
  • jQuery (4.5)
  • Twitter Bootstrap (3.5)
  • Google Material (3)
  • Eslint/Prettier (3.5)
  • Rest API (4)
  • GULP (4.5)
  • Prototypal and Class-based OOP (4)

Version Control, IDEs (years)

  • Git (5)
  • VS Code (5)
  • WebStorm (4)
  • Android Studio (3)
  • Postman (4)


NDA Project (Finance)

  • Involvement duration: 2 year 9 months
  • Short project description: Hybrid mobile banking application that allows you to manage your accounts and cards, pay bills, make investments, take loans, check operation history and many other features, placed in your smartphone.

There are: registration using card number, authorisation via card number, phone number or username (or FingerPrint/TouchID/FaceID, if supported); password recovery; managing of current and saving accounts, credit and debit cards, credits and deposits; lot of different types of transfers and payments (phone number quick transfer, payments for taxes and fines, bill payments, QR-code payments, autopayments etc.); history of payments, refills and withdrawal; cashback; Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay services; receiving of push-messages; screen widget; online client support

  • Used technologies: Ionic 1, AngularJS, TS, HTML, SCSS, REST API, Android/iOS Cordova plugins (for QR-code scanner, contacts reading, push messages receiving, NFC, file system access etc.), AWS SDK

NDA Project (mobile banking)

  • Involvement duration: 4 months
  • Short project description: Crossplatform mobile banking application. Managing accounts, cards, loans and deposits, payments and transfers.
  • Used technologies: Ionic 3, Angular 5, TS, HTML, SCSS, Cordova plugins, Firebase SDK

Digital Food Technologies

  • Involvement duration: 7 months
  • Short project description: Website that represents web-version of menu for restaurants and cafes
  • Used technologies: AngularJS, JS, HTML, CSS, REST API

SFERA living system

  • Involvement duration: | 3 months (trainee mentoring)
  • Short project description: Hybrid application that allows you to easily manage your property, receive and pay bills, contact the management company and monitor its work, as well as order various services just from your smartphone.

There are authorization with ring captcha, files features (download/upload), media (upload photo from camera), share news, pay bills, service categories, search & order, with order cart, bonuses, comments, change localization (ru, en, ua) & themes features.

Allow all application functions from demo mode.

  • Used technologies
  • Ionic 4 (Angular 7), HTML, SCSS, rest api, ngx-translate, typescript;
  • Android/Ios cordova plugins, google pay sdk (custom cordova google pay plugin), apple pay plugin, firebase sdk (push notification, tracking events)

QuickTouchMenu (Admin panel)

  • Involvement duration: 3 months
  • Short project description: Admin panel for web-service, that allows to create website for restaurants and cafes. All registered institutions can be published to the common marketplace.

There are: menu management with categories and subcategories, orders inside restaurant, takeaway and delivery, tabbles booking, preorder, payments, waiter notifications, manager's roles, themes constructor, language settings (automatic and manual translations, 14 languages supported)
Used technologies | AngularJS, JS, HTML, CSS, REST API

Top&Lab (RedLab Expert)

  • Involvement duration: 7 months
  • Short project description: Buying, selling and renting real estate. Search for premises for personal and commercial use, lots of filters for flexible search settings.
  • Used technologies: Angular 5, TS, HTML, SCSS

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