09.07.2022 | ID: LSIWMT

#Junior #react.js

Quick Infos
  • JavaScript / Front-End (2Y.)
  • react.js (2Y.)
  • JavaScript / Front-End (3Y.)
  • English: Pre-intermediate
Desired Position
Front-End Developer

Age: 22 Education: Kamianets-Podіlskyi National Ivan Ohiienko University, Master`s Degree of Computer Science


Professional skills

Technology stack and libs (years)

  • MobX (1.5)
  • TypeScript (1.5)
  • GraphQL (1.5)
  • Redux (0.5)
  • Firebase(With RN) (0.5)
  • SassLess (1)
  • WebPack Gulp NPM Yarn (2.5)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) (1.5)
  • AWS Amplify (1.5)
  • Node.js (0.6)
  • Express.js (0.2)

Databases (years)

  • MongoDB (0.2)

Version Control, IDEs (years)

  • GitGitlab (2.5)
  • Postman (1)
  • VSCode (2.5)


Financial University

  • Involvement duration: 2 month
  • Short project description: Development of a project to create a knowledge base for the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • Used technologies: React, Redux, JavaScript, HTML, SCSS, GitLab


  • Involvement duration: 4 month
  • Short project description: The application allows you to monitor your health status in one application, keep a record of your known health complaints and any other areas of concern that are important to your health management, write down goals and habits that are important to your health, keep a record of your medications.
  • Used technologies: React, Redux, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React Native, GitLab


  • Involvement duration: 1.5 years
  • Short project description: Mobile application for traveling.
  • Used technologies: React Native, AWS Amplify (AWS Cognito, AWS DynamoDB, AWS AppSync, AWS Lambda, GraphQL), MobX, GitLab, TypeScript

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