09.07.2022 | ID: ZVEW0B

#Junior #Angular

Quick Infos
  • JavaScript / Front-End (3Y.)
  • TypeScript (3Y.)
  • Angular (3Y.)
  • JavaScript / Front-End (3Y.)
  • English: Intermediate
Desired Position
Front-End Developer

Age: 29
Education: Master's Degree, department of Computer Sciences and Networks

Professional skills

Technology stack and libs (years)

  • Ionic/Angular | 2
  • Cordova plugins | 2
  • React.js | 1
  • Eslint/Prettier | 3
  • Rest API | 3
  • GULP | 1
  • OOP | 3

Version Control, IDEs (years)

  • Git | 3
  • WebStorm | 3
  • AndroidStudio | 2
  • Xcode | 2
  • Postman | 2


SFERA living system

  • Involvement duration | 1 year 8 months
  • Short project description | Hybrid application that allows you to easily manage your property, receive and pay bills, contact the management company and monitor its work, as well as order various services just from your smartphone.

There are authorization with ring captcha, files features (download/upload), media (upload photo from camera), share news, pay bills, service categories, search & order, with order cart, bonuses, comments, change localization (ru, en, ua) & themes features.

Allow all application functions from demo mode.

Used technologies:

  • Ionic (Angular) 4, HTML, SCSS, rest api, ngx-translate, typescript;
  • Android/Ios cordova plugins, google pay sdk (custom cordova google pay plugin), apple pay plugin, firebase sdk (push notification, tracking events);

Confectionery shop

  • Involvement duration | 6 months
  • Short project description | The site showcases a confectionery store. Display of available goods, promotions, discounts. Ability to add items to the cart and place an order via email (without online payments).
    Role in the project: | Development of template layout by design. Fix template bugs. Create components (function & class), component api to template, component bug fixes.

Used technologies

  • React/Redux, React Router, Axios;
  • JavaScript, HTML, Scss, Node JS,
  • Eslint, prettier;

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