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Smart people, agile teams and the desire to produce highly competitive digital products for your target groups.

  • 😀 Conception & Interaction Design
  • 😍 UI/UX, Screen Design
  • 🔨 Custom Backend
  • 🙃 Interactive Frontend
What a great relaunch! Together with the lead agency ‘schoepfung‘ from Düsseldorf we developed a great interaction design and a fully new website for FAW.

OOH meets. Competence.
"We are delighted about the successful team work, with a lot of passion, commitment and an abundance of creative and goal-oriented ideas. The professional realization makes it perfect."

  • 😀 Interaction Design
  • 😍 UI/UX and Wireframing
  • 🔨 Custom CMS
  • 🙃 Custom Frontend
After UCB Innere Medizin was sold and the new brand Apontis Pharma was born, a new website for the pharmaceutical company was created.
  • 😀 Conception, UI/UX
  • 😍 Wireframing, Information technology
  • 🔨 custom Backend with Salesforce Integration
  • 🙃 Frontend
As part of the company strategy the web portal "erfolgs-rezept.online" was born which is primary used for content delivery to the b2b clients.
  • 😀 Custom Concept Development
  • 😍 UI/UX and interaction design
  • 🔨 Custom Backend / CMS
  • 🙃 Custom Frontend development
After the IPO in 2023 a new strategically updated website was needed. The emit team advised, created the idea and programmed the website which was launched on the 23.12.2022 last year.

"We appreciate your competence and commitment, with which you have professionally developed our digital instruments and that you continue to accompany us conceptually and in terms of content. We use these applications extremely successfully in communication with physicians and other target groups."

  • 😀 conceptION
  • 😍 UIX
  • 🔨 Custom Backend
  • 🙃 React Frontend
In collaboration with 2 agile teams (creation and performance) we created the microsite  "gowith" for dormakaba Deutschland.
  • 😍 UI / UX & Conception
  • 🔨 Wordpress Backend
  • 🙃 Frontend
As solution and support to meet GDPR compliance, we quickly developed the whole page within 3 weeks for the campaign ads flight.
  • 😀 Interaction Design
  • 😍 UI/UX
  • 🔨 Custom CMS
  • 🙃 Frontend
A great idea was born: the argus sensor barriers for buildings of the future. For this great designed product we developed a highly animated and unique experience. 

"What we appreciate about emit is the pragmatic approach and the speed of implementation, as well as a very good mix of skills including consultancy, UI / UX and the development of digital solutions."

The right service for the right moment.

We offer dedicated services exclusively for digital, for end customers, agencies and IT companies.

The cross-functional team behind emit has many years of mutual experience in creating digital products of all kinds. We put the user on top of every decision by creating amazing and technically excellent products which are as simple as easy for you and your customer. We remove uncertainty through transparency and foresight, which also saves you and our valuable time. And we honestly love what we do by making better things while transforming our environment for good. 

Selection of brands we work for:

We focus exclusively on the field of “digital”. We offer consultancy for web and for established companies. Or even unicorns on their way to success. But consultancy is not enough. We build web products from the first workshop to the launch. And tune your business idea through iterations until it flies. 

Areas of Service
/ Consultancy and strategy for digital products

/ Check-Up Worshops & Story Mapping
/ Wireframing, UI/UX and Screen Design

/ MVP development
/ Frontend Development 
/ Custom backend development for complex platforms or issues
/ Open source backend development (Typo3, Wordpress, Magento)

Why are we doing what we do? Great question ;-) Let's try to find an answer: we love beautiful things as well as complex solutions. We often meet companies and marketers who got stuck in complexity, daily bullsh**bingo and a lot of other blockers. We find custom answers for our clients’ needs to achieve fast results and high quality solutions. “Fast” is in our DNA – we onboard fast, we deliver quick wins and ideas. We generate results in no time. All of this without seeing “only problems” in each step. Time (and savings of it) is what drives us and we are happy to accompany everyone on their journey who has the same mindset and needs fast and professional results.

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emit digital is a digital agency from Düsseldorf, Germany. We concept, design and develop web and digital solutions / projects for our clients all over the world. Our clients include well-known advertising agencies as well as customers from the B2B sector, who highly appreciate our professional and high-quality approach as well as honest advice. Technologies we use for frontend development: react.js, angular, plain html and java script. Content management systems we offer for online shops: shopify, magento and Wordpress WooCommerce. Content Management Systems we offer for websites: strapi, craft cms, webflow, WordPress, Typo3 and easyCMS for big portals and custom solutions.